Parish of Doneraile

Doneraile, Hazelwood & Shanballymore

Very Reverend Fr. Aidan Crowley, P.P.

Parish Priest

Fr. Aidan has been a resident of the Parish of Doneraile for the past several years. In February 2019, Bishop William Crean, Bishop of Cloyne announced that following the transfer of Fr Toby Bluitt from his position as Parish Priest of Doneraile to Kanturk, that Fr Aidan would succeed him as Parish Priest. 

Fr Aidan has been a priest of the Diocese of Cloyne with over 30 years and has been curate in our parish for over eight years.

Parochial House
Co. Cork

Mobile: 086-0434911

Email: [email protected]

Geraldine Carleton

Parish Secretary

Geraldine manages our Parish Office in Doneraile Community Hall. You should direct all queries to Geraldine relating to Baptisms, Marriages, Newsletter Submissions, Mass Requests, etc...

If you are unable to reach Geraldine in the Parish Office, all forms relating to application for the Sacraments and Mass requests are available online.

Parish Office
Doneraile Community Hall

Telephone: 022 - 24410

Opening Times:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10:30AM - 12:30PM

Garrett Roche

Webmaster & Administrative Assistant to Fr Crowley

Garrett manages all aspects of the parish website including all adjustments. He also is responsible for the parish social media accounts.

If you have a special event or notice relevant to our parish and you have missed the printed edition of the newsletter, or you would just like your notice listed on the parish website, please contact Garrett.

Garrett also manages the church noticeboards and so you should make contact with him to ensure your notice is GDPR compliant prior to posting any notices on the church public noticeboards. This is a legal requirement.

In addition, Fr. Aidan has given the responsibility for the recruitment and training of Altar Servers and preparing of Parish Liturgical Events for Doneraile, Shanballymore and Hazelwood to Garrett, and so any queries in relation to the Ministry of Altar Server or any upcoming liturgy should be directed to Garrett.

Mobile: 087 - 2313984

Margaret Sheedy

Parish Pastoral Council Secretary

Mobile: 087 - 6563877

Email: [email protected]

"The Parish Pastoral Council is a faith-filled leadership group through which priests and people work together as co-responsible partners in furthering the mission of Christ in their own parish." "The Pastoral Council possesses a consultative vote only". All final decisions are made by the Parish Priest.


Canon Law has established that Parish Pastoral Councils are a consultative body "which is presided over by the Parish Priest" (Living Communion - Irish Catholic Bishop's Conference).


The Current Parish Pastoral Council Team


V. Rev. Fr Aidan Crowley P.P.             

Mary Morrissey                                      Noreen Sweeney

Margaret Sheedy                                  Mary Griffin                                           

Norah O'Callaghan                              Thomas O'Regan

Margaret Horgan                                   Pat McInerney

Eamonn Horgan