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Towards Healing

This service is provided by lay, independent and fully accredited therapists.
This is a FREE and confidential helpline and counseling referral service. This is a Catholic Church response to Institutional / Clerical / Religious abuse.

Bishop Crean's Letter for Safeguarding Sunday

On the weekend of the 30th March 2019,  Bishop William Crean, issued a letter to mark Safeguarding Sunday.

Safeguarding of Children in the Diocese of Cloyne

All information on Child Safeguarding procedures in the Diocese of Cloyne are available at the dedicated Website for Cloyne Diocese Safeguarding Children information:

Policy for the Care and Management of Respondents

The Diocese of Cloyne's Policy for the Care and Management of the Respondent.

National Church Safeguarding of Children Policy

Safeguarding Children Policy and Standards for the Catholic Church in Ireland 2016

Cloyne Diocesan and Doneraile Parish Policy of Photography and Videography during the reception of the Sacraments

We would like to draw your attention to an important part of our practice here in this parish in relation to the Safeguarding of children and in particular to the use of photography and video recording of children.


The people responsible for child safeguarding in the parish ask that there would be no photographs or video taken of children during the ceremony as more children than your own child will likely be included in the photo or video clip.


At the end of the ceremony there will be an opportunity for a class photograph and each family will decide for themselves if they wish their child to be part of this photograph or video opportunity.  If they do not it is the families responsibility to keep their child out of this group.


Apart from this group photography, if you are taking a photograph or video after the ceremony please ensure that you have the definite permission of the parents or guardians of children other than your own.


It is in the best interests of your child that no photographs or video clips should ever be posted on Facebook or other social media sites. We would ask you to please take particular note of this even in respect of your own child.


Thank you in advance for your co-operation with these Safeguarding regulations.

Fr Aidan Crowley P.P.

Parish of Doneraile